** SOLD** May - $1800 - This 7 month old heifer got her mom’s amazing hair coat. Her mom seems a bit obsessed with it given she is always helping with grooming. She comes from a great momma and already shows the signs of the nurturing traits her mom has. Her mom comes from our Brindle bull and her Dad was the forever impressive Troy so with those color genetics you are bound to get some beautiful babies. 

**SOLD** Olympia - $1600 - Born on February 10, 2018 - This little lady (aka Olympia) is up for sale. She’s destined to grow up to a be a beautiful Dunn color just like her mama. She will be ready to go to her new home mid to late June. Deposit is required to hold and delivery is available for a fee based on distance.   

**SOLD** Holiday - $1500 -  Holiday made Santa’s nice list and joined our Farm this last Christmas Day. She is full of energy and loves to show off her dance moves to anyone that will watch. She will be ready to make her way to her new home in early June after spending quality time with her mom for a few months. Yes she lives with her mom, but please don’t judge her for that. She’s saving hay for her own pasture someday. And no her dad was not part skunk, (at least we think) the white stripe on her belly just happened. 

Snowball - $1500 - He is a 2 year old pure Scottish Highland.  His dad is our main sire, Troy.  How two brothers have both been very easy to handle, often times not even understanding they are bulls and not lap dogs.  We are certain he will follow in both his brothers and father's footsteps.  Our white cows/bulls tend to have the sweet and curious temperament of Troy and they are a joy to add to any fold.